The Finest Dining Experience In Reno

Reno’s dining scene has really taking a step towards the finer things in life, mainly because of the uprising of the midtown revolution. The re-purposing of the areas near downtown lead to some very cheap properties where people could build nice upscale businesses and establishments for a very cheap cost. This is where Cielos has made it’s home in Reno.

Cielos offers an incredible variety of foods prepared by the top culinary minds in the state. This variety, however, does not take away from the incredible quality that is produced. Cielos offers romantic 5 course, and even 8 course meals for those special occasions where a couple wants to splurge. There is also an immersive wine cellar that offers the perfect pairing with every meal specifically chosen by the in-house sommelier. After dinner service, the main ballroom area opens up into a beautiful dance hall where there is fun to be had.

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